The Constable

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Edinburgh City Police Group_SL260_ECP_2_5_1_19
Edinburgh City Police Group photograph c1920. From collection held at Edinburgh City Archives.

Victor Low Gibson was born on 20th March 1896 in Forfar and joined Edinburgh City Police on 15th September 1915. He was aged 18 at the time; had grey eyes, brown hair and stood at 5 foot 11 inches tall. Before joining the police, Victor had been a farm servant.

Victor was appointed as a 5th Class Constable, but very quickly resigned from the City Police to join the Army and fight in World War I. Surviving the war, with three medals for serving his country, he then came back to Edinburgh and re-enrolled in the City Police on 28th January 1919. Victor progressed through the ranks, and on 16th November 1920 he was ‘highly commended by the Lord Provost…for courage displayed in the arrest of an armed thief’ and was awarded £3 3d. He continued his career in the rising to become a 1st Class Sergeant before his retirement on 31st May 1948.

Victor Low Gibson Police Personnel Sheet
Victor Low Gibson’s Edinburgh City Police personnel record. From collection held at Edinburgh City Archives.

We know all about Victor thanks to the surviving Police personnel records held at the City Archives within the Lothian and Borders Police collection. Within this collection, we have surviving personnel records from 1815, as well as weekly records, pension registers, and widow/orphan fund papers. There are also many excellent photos within the collection to give a brilliant visual representation of the local police force over time.

Edinburgh remembers those who served in its police, keeping the city safe and well ordered. We preserve these records to tell us about the past; but we want you to tell us what we should collect about life today for tomorrow: