About the Consultation

You can complete our survey via the City of Edinburgh Council’s Consultation Hub.

Edinburgh City Archives wants to know how you would like to engage with the rich history preserved in the city’s archives. We also want to know what you think we should be collecting about Edinburgh today so that we can preserve it for access in the future.

– You may use archives regularly in your work or study

– You may have never heard of archives until today

– You may be a resident, a visitor or someone who is just interested in the city’s history

– You may be an business or charity; school or church; community or local history group

We want to hear from you all – especially those who have not engaged with us in the past.

Further details for the consultation can be found on the City of Edinburgh Council’s Consultation Hub but you can also go to the surveys direct using the links below.

The consultation runs from Monday 13th of August to Friday 26th of October, 2018.

Our consultation surveys

  • Individuals survey
    • For people (residents & visitors alike) interested in engaging with archives or have already done so
  • Community Groups survey
    • For community groups that represent Edinburgh in whole or in part that might engage with the archives of the city for the benefit of their communities
  • Businesses & Organisations survey
    • For businesses, charities, education & religious institutions  as well as other organisations that create records today that will be the archives of tomorrow

If you need a paper or PDF survey to complete offline, you can request one via telephone (0131 529 4616) or e-mail (archives@edinburgh.gov.uk). Copies should also be available upon request from City of Edinburgh libraries.


Why are we consulting?

As the city evolves, so must its archives. Changes in the city’s people, buildings, businesses, and organisations need to be captured and reflected in its archives.

How we expect to find and access cultural content like archives is also changing due to technology. The same technology is even changing how we create records today and how we will preserve them as tomorrow’s archives.

Edinburgh City Archives needs to understand how and where it needs to adapt its services and priorities to meet these challenges. Each response to this consultation will help us plan how we make sure that the city’s archives are accessible and reflect Edinburgh properly in the years to come.

What will happens afterwards?

Once the consultation closes the results will be analysed by the Council and incorporated into a report and draft Archives Development Plan that will be submitted for consideration to the Council’s Culture & Communities Committee. If approved, the development plan will form the basis of service changes and improvements.